Sharing Responsibility for Ohio’s Roadways Can Lead to Cost Savings and Improved Service Quality for Taxpayers

Three new independent reports identify $99 million in savings that governmental collaboration can bring to local jurisdictions and the Ohio Department of Transportation over the next decade.

Developed with support from the State of Ohio, GOPC’s reports found:

  • Equipment and facility sharing among county, cities, villages and townships could generate a minimum savings of $43.5 million over ten years.
  • Select facility reduction and equipment sharing between county engineers and ODOT could generate almost $56 million in statewide savings over ten years.
  • Current innovative efforts at ODOT have created a variety of opportunities for additional collaboration, which GOPC believes could benefit ODOT’s bottom line and its effectiveness.

GOPC’s findings suggest that there are significant savings and service improvements available to local and state agencies that purchase and maintain fleet equipment, chart routes for service provision, do bulk purchasing, or operate multiple physical locations.

GOPC developed these reports in coordination with the Center for Community Solutions as part of a larger research package that highlights opportunities at the state and local levels to maximize existing resources for enhanced service delivery and cost savings to taxpayers.  GOPC thanks Joe Campbell, PhD for his assistance in developing these research briefs.

Links to full reports by GOPC:

  1. Coordinating Efforts Between Counties and Smaller Jurisdictions: Shared Purchasing and Capital Costs on Roadway Maintenance and Facilities
  2. Transportation Storage Facility and Equipment Sharing: Integration Efforts between County and ODOT
  3. Opportunities for Increased Efficiencies and Service Improvements at the Ohio Department of Transportation

Links for full reports by Center for Community Solutions:

  1. Adult Protective Services: Opportunities for Savings Through Economies of Scale (4/29/13)
  2. Child Welfare System: Opportunities to Improve Coordination and Consistency in a Complex System (4/29/13)
  3. Resource Sharing Among Ohio's Local Health Departments (4/29/13)

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