Urban Regeneration

Ohio’s metropolitan economies generate over 85% of the state’s GDP and our cities are the engines for that economic output. GOPC believes place-based strategies that strengthen Ohio’s cities and metros bolster the state’s economic competitiveness. GOPC works with local, regional, and state-level partners to develop and advance policies and practices that leverage assets in our urban cores, promote city and region-wide redevelopment, and improve our cities’ vibrancy and attractiveness.

Select projects relevant to urban regeneration include:

Smaller Legacy Cities

GOPC's Research and Resources page highlights strategies for revitalization in smaller legacy cities in Ohio and beyond.

Stewarding the Ohio Revitalization Steering Committee

GOPC holds quarterly Revitalization Steering Committee meetings that convene representatives from banks, non-profits, and local governments who are committed to developing and advancing state policy solutions that reduce the number of low and no-value residential properties in Ohio.

Providing Guidance on Commercial Vacant Property & District Redevelopment

GOPC, in partnership with the German Marshall Fund of the United States and with support from the Center for Community Progress, released the publication "Redeveloping Commercial Vacant Properties in Legacy Cities: A Guidebook to Linking Property Reuse and Economic Revitalization" in May of 2014. This guidebook is the first of its kind to offer a comprehensive set of tools and strategies for redeveloping commercial vacant properties and business districts in legacy cities.

In February 2015, GOPC co-hosted a Roundtable with the Ohio CDC Association and the Finance Fund on “Rebuilding Neighborhood Markets: Strategies for Linking Small Business Support and Commercial Vacant Property Reuse in Ohio’s Communities.” This Roundtable was part of ongoing work to promote the combination of small business support and commercial vacant properties in Ohio’s communities.

In partnership with the Ohio CDC Association, GOPC is presenting four webinars throughout the summer of 2015 that will explain how to accomplish various aspects of commercial vacant property redevelopment and commercial district revitalization in legacy communities.