European Shrinking Cities Exchange

Greater Ohio Policy Center continues a partnership with the German Marshall Fund (GMF) of the United States in Washington, D.C., playing a leadership role in a new three-year GMF project, Cities in Transition: Shrinking Cities. The project provides unique opportunities for Ohio’s local and state leaders to learn from European cities’ rebuilding practices.

The project is designed to build a sustained network of leading policymakers and practitioners from several older industrial U.S. cities and to provide opportunities to examine European practices for their applicability in the United States. Through tours, meetings and charrettes, participants from five selected cities – including Youngstown and Cleveland in Ohio – will work together to articulate policy challenges in their communities and identify and adapt successful innovative strategies adopted by European older industrial cities to address the myriad challenges arising from physical transformations associated with disinvestment and economic restructuring.

For more information on the three year project, click here.  Please also continue to check our website for updates on our work in Ohio.