Greater Ohio Policy Center is involved in a number of projects that help inform our work and encompass a variety of the issues and policies we are trying to effect. Please click on the initiatives below to learn more about GOPC's current projects.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Greater Ohio Policy Center develops and advances policies and practices that help to revitalize neighborhoods in Ohio’s cities so that they attract people and thrive economically. In addition to working with local partners and state policymakers, GOPC utilizes quantitative and qualitative research and in-depth analysis to identify policies and practices that can accelerate neighborhood redevelopment.

Urban Regeneration

Ohio’s metropolitan economies generate over 85% of the state’s GDP and our cities are the engines for that economic output. GOPC believes place-based strategies that strengthen Ohio’s cities and metros bolster the state’s economic competitiveness. GOPC works with local, regional, and state-level partners to develop and advance policies and practices that leverage assets in our urban cores, promote city and region-wide redevelopment, and improve our cities’ vibrancy and attractiveness.

Smaller Legacy Cities

Greater Ohio Policy Center is focused on strategies for revitalization in smaller legacy cities in Ohio and beyond. These cities, which have long industrial histories, population loss, and current populations of 250,000 to 30,000, are the backbone of Ohio. Nearly a third of the state’s population lives within their regions, and over a third of the state’s GDP is produced by their residents and businesses. Despite their importance, these places have fallen on difficult times as long-term changes in the economy and the Great Recession hit smaller legacy cities particularly hard.

Water and Sewer Infrastructure

GOPC is in the midst of a multi-year project on Ohio’s water and sewer infrastructure. We endeavor to turn our state’s abundant supply of water, perhaps its greatest natural asset, into a comparative advantage by equipping our water and sewer systems with the best and most innovative financing options while also exploring the benefits of “green” approaches to storm water control such as reusing vacant properties, providing cleaner water and air, decreasing urban heat indexes, and helping to revitalize communities

Transportation Modernization

GOPC is developing and advancing policies to support additional funding for public transit systems and multi-modal options throughout the state, as well as investment in existing infrastructure. As a member of the Access Ohio 2040 Steering Committee and the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Ohio Statewide Transit Needs Study Steering Committee, GOPC has provided expert advice on and successfully advanced recommendations for statewide transportation funding priorities and long-term planning.

Regional Sustainable Growth

Research by GOPC and others have shown that sprawling land use and development patterns have become economically, environmentally, and socially unsustainable for the state and its regions. GOPC’s projects investigate policies, strategies, and best practices to strengthen Ohio’s economic competitiveness through regional cooperation, bolster nodes of economic activity that drive Ohio’s economy, and maximize limited resources.