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June 2017 - Senate finishes Budget, Federal infrastructure, Brownfield agenda endorsed

May 2017 - Main Operating Budget, Shrinking Cities blog series, Infrastructure Week

April 2017 - Ohio Transportation budget, Franklin County affordable housing, In the News

March 2017 - Summit Thank You and Wrap Up

February 2017 - Summit Reminder, Build in Akron Report Released, Lead Abatement

January 2017 - Property Redevelopment Tool, Water Infrastructure Implementation Phase  

Holiday 2016 - Season's Greetings! 2016 Accomplishments, 2017 Preview

December 2016 - Active Transportation Testimony, Action Alert VW fund, Summit, CDCs

November 2016 - Election Review, Alison Goebel becomes ED, GOPC Webinar, Field Trip

October 2016 - Ohio's Recovery, Latest Policy Presentations, GOPC Summit and Webinar

September 2016 - Philanthropy Ohio, Upcoming Webinar, Jason Warner Joins GOPC

August 2016 - Summit 2017 Announcement: Investing in Ohio's Future

July 2016 - Executive Director Departs for Detroit Position

June 2016 - Legacy Cities Report, Photo Opportunity, ODOT Conference, RVP Conference

May 2016 - Green Infrastructure Memo, FAST Track Foreclosure, ODSA Webinar

April 2016 - Infrastructure Webpage, Clean Ohio Celebration, On the Go this Spring

March II 2016 - Lavea Brachman Fellowship, Transportation Memos, Clean Ohio Fund

March 2016 - Infrastructure Crises, CDFI Report Released, Jon Honeck

February 2016 - Akron Report, Transportation Taskforce, Upcoming CCP Conference

January 2016 - Treasury Funds, Planned 2016 Projects, New Board Members 

December 2015 - Happy Holidays! A Look Back and Forward

November 2015 - Infrastructure Report, Transportation and Cleanup Programs

October 2015 - New GOPC Staff, Small and Medium Sized Legacy Cities

September 2015 - Presentation to Youngstown, Foreclosure Reform, New Board Members

July 2015 - Land Bank Anniversary & Landmark Legislation

June 2015 - Summit Highlights, Commercial Property Webinars & Legislative Updates

May 2015 - Land Bank Report Release, Legislative Updates & More

April 2015 - Restoring Neighborhoods, Strengthening Economies Summit Speakers

March 2015 - GOPC's Recommended Transportation Policies Signed Into Law

February 2015 - GOPC Policy Recommendations in Ohio Transportation Budget

January 2015 - Announcing Open Summit Registration & Call for Award Nominations

November/December 2014 - GOPC's 2014 Accomplishments

September/October 2014 - Invitation for 2015 Summit Panel Proposals

August 2014 - Save the Date: Greater Ohio's 2015 Summit

July 2014 - Tools for Legacy City Transformation

June 2014 - Launch of the Community Development Training Academy

May 2014 - Release of the Commercial Vacant Properties Guidebook

March 2014 - Release of the "Achieving Healthy Neighborhoods" Report

February 2014 - Loving Ohio's Cities: A Valentine to ArtsinStark & the DataOhio Initiative

January 2014 - The Urban Moment

December 2013 - Year in Review

October 2013 - Highlights from the Revitalizing Ohio's Vacant Properties Conference

September 2013 - GOPC Travels to Philadelphia & Germany

August 2013 - GOPC Presents to Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission

July 2013 - The Neighborhood Infrastructure Assistance Program & Regenerating America's Legacy Cities

June 2013 - Release of the "Investing in Brownfields" and Shared Services Reports

May 2013 - New Reports on Public Savings from Shared Services

May 2013 - New Report on Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund

April 2013 - Save the Date: Revitalizing Ohio's Vacant Properties

February 2013 - Local Leaders Move Beyond Partisan Politics

January 2013 - GOPC Co-hosts Events about Meeting Demand for Walkable Urban Development

December 2012 - Year in Review

October 2012 - Uncovering Solutions to Commercial Vacant Properties & the Creation of the Revitalization Steering Committee

September 2012 - Think Tanks from Across the Spectrum Call for Closing Tax Loopholes

July 2012 - GOPC Contributes to Demolition Research & Study on Shared Services

May 2012 - GOPC Touts the Neighborhood Infrastructure Assistance Program in Ohio General Assembly & Supports Funding for the Federal Sustainable Communities Initiative

April 2012 - Ohio Properties Redevelopment Institute a Great Success

January 2012 - 2011 Year in Review