GOPC in the News

GOPC 2017 News Articles

Housing, worker retention a challenge in Clark County, leaders say

       Springfield News Sun - 7/6/2017

       Reporter Matt Sanctis

Hamilton ‘poster child’ for successful downtown rebirth, group says

       Hamilton Journal News - 6/12/2017

       Reporter Wayne Baker

The Vicious Cycle of Retail’s Decline

       The Atlantic - 5/23/2017

       Reporter Alana Samuels

Akron and the abatement option

       Akron Beacon Journal – 4/12/2017

       Reporter Beacon Editorial Board

More Miami Valley Bridges In Bad Shape Without Long-Term Funding Fix

       91.3 WYSO – 4/10/2017

       Reporter Jess Mador

Akron mobilizes for growth

       Akron Beacon Journal - 3/28/2017

       Reporter Beacon Journal Editorial Board

Final housing study provides shocking statistics on where higher-paid workers live and how cheap Akron houses really are

       Akron Beacon Journal - 3/23/2017

       Reporter Doug Livingston

Northeast Ohio continues to lose population

       Akron Beacon Journal – 3/23/2017

       Reporter Rick Armon

Lima, Ohio News

       Lima News - 3/16/ 2017

Link Lima/Allen County was selected by the Greater Ohio Policy Center for the 2017 Catalytic Partnership Award

       Lima News - 3/16/ 2017

Greater Ohio Policy Center Announces Winners of 2017 Greater Ohio Sustainable Development Awards

       Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce - 3/14/2017

OHFA leader gets Lifetime Achievement Award

       Columbus Business First - 3/10/2017

       Reporter Laura Newpoff

Good Mornings

       WFIN 1330 - 2/21/2017

       Reporter Chris Oakes

New Report Shows Which Akron Neighborhoods Are Ready -- Or Nearly Ready -- For New Housing

       WKSU - 2/20/2017

       Reporter Kabir Bhatia

New report diagnoses Akron's ailing housing market, prescribes treatment

       Akron Beacon Journal - 2/17/2017

       Reporter Doug Livingston

Here's how to attract residents -- and home builders -- to Akron, report says

       Cleveland Plain Dealer - 2/16/2017
       Reporter Jennifer Conn
       Cleveland Crain's Business - 2/16/2016
       Reporter Dan Shingler
       Warren Tribune Chronicle - 2/13/2017
       Reporter Raymond L. Smith
       Cleveland Plain Dealer - 2/6/2017
       Reporter Jennifer Conn
       Arizona Republic - 1/30/2017
       Reporter Adrian Burns
       Bucyrus Telegraph Forum - 1/30/2017
       Reporter Adrian Burns 
       Mansfield News Journal - 1/30/2017
       Reporter Adrian Burns
       Zanesville Times Recorder - 1/27/2017
       Reporter Adrian Burns

Here's how to, and how not to, rebuild America

       Cincinnati Enquirer - 1/25/2017

       Guest Column by GOPC Senior Policy Fellow Jon Honeck 

       Lima News - 1/18/2017 
       Reporter Craig Kelly
       The State of Ohio (Minute 21:00) - 1/13/2017
       Reporter Karen Kasler
       Troy Daily News - 1/13/2017
       Reporter Bill Lutz
       Columbus Metropolitan Club - 1/12/2017 

GOPC 2016 News Articles

       Columbus CEO - 11/15/2016
       Reporter Chloe Teasley
       Youngstown Vindicator – 9/26/2016
       Reporter Justin Wier

Out-of-state homeowners hinder fight on blight

       Youngstown Vindicator – 9/25/2016

       Reporter Justin Wier

       Youngstown Vindicator – 9/25/2016

       Reporter Justin Wier
       Columbus Business First - 8/16/2016
       Reporter Evan Weese
       Cleveland Jewish News - 7/18/2016
       Gazette News - 6/20/2016 
       Chillicothe Gazette - 6/13/2016
       Reporter Chris Balusik
       WKSU Public Media - 6/10/2016 
       Reporter Kabir Bhatia
       Youngstown Business Journal - 6/8/2016
       Akron Beacon Journal - 6/4/2016
       Reporter Rick Armon
       Akron Beacon Journal - 5/19/2016
       Reporter Editorial Board
Dayton annexed Greene County land to stop merger

       Dayton Daily News – 5/11/2016

       Reporter Cornelius Frolick

Champaign County considers land bank to fight blight

       Springfield News Sun – 4/29/2016
       Reporter Matt Sanctis
       Institute of Politics - 4/19/2016
       Springfield News Sun - 4/5/2016
       Reporter Matt Sanctis
       Mansfield News Journal - 4/5/2016
       Reporter Linda Martz
       Crain’s Cleveland Business – 3/27/2016
       Reporter Dan Shingler
       Columbus Dispatch - 3/3/2016
       Reporter Mark Ferenchik
       Akron Beacon Journal - 3/1/2016
       Reporter Editorial Board
       Akron Beacon Journal - 2/29/2016
       Reporter Michael Douglas
       Akron Beacon Journal - 2/25/2016
       Reporter Editorial Board
       Cleveland Plain Dealer - 2/25/2016 
       Reporter Jon Harper

       Green City Blue Lake – 2/22/2016

       Reporter David Beach
       WCPN Radio - 2/23/2016
       Reporter Mike McIntyre
       Cleveland Plain Dealer - 2/19/2016
       Reporter John Harper
         Next City - 2/18/2016
         Reporter Kelsey E. Thomas
         WCPN 90.3 Radio Cleveland - 2/18/2016
         WKSU 89.7 Radio Cleveland - 2/17/2016
         Reporter Tim Rudell
         Crain's Cleveland Business - 2/17/2016
         Reporter Dan Shingler
         John S. and James L. Knight Foundation - 2/17/2016 
         Reporter Kyle Kutuchief
         Akron Beacon Journal - 2/16/2016 

         Reporter Rick Armon
         Statehouse News Bureau - 2/17/2016
         Reporter Andy Chow
         Columbus Dispatch – 2/17/2016
         Reporter Mark Ferenchik

GOPC 2015 News Articles

Schuring promotes downtown redevelopment bill

        Canton Repository – 11/23/2015
        Reporter Malcolm Hall
        National Book Review – 10/23/2015
        Lavea Brachman
        Toledo Blade - 10/11/2015
        Reporter Keith Burris
       Dayton Daily News - 9/27/2015
       Reporter Tiffany Y. Latta
      Public News Service - 9/21/2015
      Reporter Mary Kuhlman
       The Business Journal - 9/16/2015
       Reporter Josh Medore
       The Newark Advocate – 6/16/2015

       Reporter Jessie Balmert

Coverage of the 2015 Greater Ohio Summit:

KSU, city of Kent receive inaugural Catalytic Partnership Award from Greater Ohio Policy Center

       Crain's Cleveland Business – 7/7/2015
       Reporter Staff

Kent State University campus, city win award

       Akron Beacon Journal – 6/25/2015
       Reporter Staff

Sen. Beagle receives award for workforce and economic development efforts

       The Daily Advocate – 6/16/2015
       Reporter Staff

University Circle wins Non-profit of the Year Award from Greater Ohio Policy Center

       The Plain Dealer – 6/15/2015
       Reporter Steven Litt

Ohio Mayors Discuss Community Development at Summit

       Columbus Underground – 6/12/2015
       Reporter Jesse Bethea

Local Government Insider: Coleman for governor? Not happening

       The Columbus Dispatch – 6/11/2015
       Reporter Lori Kurtzman and Holly Zacharia

Dayton boss to state: Leave cities alone

       The Toledo Blade – 6/11/2015
       Reporter Jim Provance

Beagle honored for development efforts

       Troy Daily News – 6/10/2015
       Reporter Melody Vallieu

Coleman urges state lawmakers to support cities

       The Columbus Dispatch – 6/9/2015
       Reporter Mark Ferenchik
      The Morning Journal – 6/6/2015

       Reporter Richard Payerchin
       Freshwater Cleveland – 2/17/2015

       Reporter Erin O’Brien
       WDET – 2/12/2015

       Reporter Quinn Klinefelter
       Journalist's Resource – 1/29/2015

       Reporters Rachel Stephens and Leighton Walter Kille
       Ideastream – 1/27/2015

       Reporter Joanna Richards
       Columbus Dispatch – 1/26/2015

       Reporter Mark Ferenchik

GOPC 2014 News Articles

Public transit thinkers praise ODOT report that funding would have to double in next decade to meet demand
       Cleveland Plain Dealer – 12/31/2014
       Reporter Alison Grant

If we build interchange, will jobs come?
       Cincinnati Enquirer – 12/30/2014
       Reporter Jason Williams

Using data to save our oldest buildings
       Cincinnati Enquirer – 11/7/2014
       Reporter Bowdeya Tweh

Downtown Springfield demolitions, commission debated
      Springfield News-Sun – 10/18/2014
      Reporter Michael Cooper

Housing key to downtown Springfield revitalization
     Springfield News-Sun, Dayton Daily News, Columbus CEO – 7/4/2014
     Reporter Matt Sanctis

Mayor in Boston for roundtable on revitalization
     The Herald-Dispatch – 5/21/2014
     Reporter Ben Fields

Mayors, Foundation Leaders at Legacy Cities Roundtable
     Reuters, PR Newswire, Gnomes National News Service, KCTV5,,       , – 5/20/2014
     Reporter Anthony Flint

Huntington's Mayor on Cambridge Regenerating Legacy City Panel – 5/20/2014
      Reporter Brian Chambers

Clark County: Department merger would save money
      Springfield News-Sun – 5/17/2014
      Reporters Michael Cooper and Tiffany Latta

Redeveloping Commercial Vacant Properties in Legacy Cities
      Legacy Cities – 5/7/2014
      Reporter American Assembly

Rural Areas Lose People But Not Power
      Governing – 3/27/2014
      Reporter Alan Greenblatt

Weinland Park gains go slowly
      Columbus Dispatch – 3/23/2014
      Reporter Mark Ferenchik

Innovative policy and community engagement keys to renewal
      WXXI Innovation Trail – 3/3/2014
      Reporter Matthew Leonard

Kasich aide preaches need for local governments to share services
      Columbus Dispatch – 1/21/2014
      Reporter Joe Hallett


GOPC 2013 News Articles

Landlords Cloaked from Citations, Prosecution
      Columbus Dispatch – 11/12/2013
      Reporters Mark Ferenchik, Jill Riepenhoff and Mike Wagner

Demolition grant program update shows 6000 abandoned properties demolished
      Norwalk Reflector – 11/12/2013
      Reporter Staff

Demolition Grant Program Update - 10/29/2013

New State Loans for Brownfield Cleanups Tied to Job Creation
      Columbus Dispatch - 10/28/2013
      Reporter Spencer Hunt

AG Dewine: Revitalizing Ohio’s Vacant Properties to Transform Communities - 10/23/2013
      Reporter Alex Ferreras

Travel to C-bus and Learn How To Revitalize Ohio's Vacant Properties
      Cool Cleveland - 10/14/2013

DeWine to Headline Greater Ohio ‘Revitalizing Property’ Summit
      The Hannah Report - 10/7/2013

Regenerating America's Legacy Cities: A Review from Detroit
      Preservation Leadership Forum - 10/4/2013
      Reporter Emilie Evans

Weinland Park Effort Will Pay Off
      Columbus Dispatch - 9/15/2013

Op-Ed: ‘Demolition’ Is Not a Bad Word — Just Keep It Strategic
      Next City
- 9/11/2013
Alan Mallach & Lavea Brachman

Low Times in Motown: Detroit Files for Bankruptcy
      All Sides with Ann Fisher - 7/23/2013

Gateway cities don't need a silver bullet
      Boston Globe - 7/20/2013
      Op-ed Lavea Brachman and Alan Mallach

A tough-love report from the Lincoln Institute ranks Cleveland 15th on list of 18 'legacy cities'
      Cleveland Plain Dealer - 7/2/2013
      Reporter Steven Litt

Utilize Existing Assets, Rather than Mega-Projects, to Revive America's Legacy Cities
      Planetizen - 6/25/2013
      Reporter Jonathan Nettler

"Legacy Cities" Can Revitalize by Building on Assets, Lincoln Institute Report says
      The Wall Street Journal - 6/25/2013

Transportation Insider: Policy group finds way to save $100 million
      Columbus Dispatch - 6/3/2013
      Reporter Rick Rouan

Infrastructure: Are we making the grade?
      All Sides with Ann Fisher - 5/31/2013
      Lavea Brachman is featured at 19:00-34:00

Bethel using state grant to demolish homes - 5/31/2013
      Reporter Keith BieryGolick

Ohio Group Finds Ways for State, Local Governments to Save Millions on Transportation
      The Hannah Report - 5/28/2013

Cowtown? Columbus Home to 800,000
      Columbus Dispatch
- 5/27/2013
Collin Binkley

Report Highlights Economic Benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment
      Ideastream - 5/3/2013
      Reporter Bill Rice

Clean Ohio program worth its cost many times over, analysis finds
      Columbus Business First - 5/1/2013
      Reporter Jeff Bell

State tax breaks need a review
      Columbus Dispatch - 4/27/2013

Public sector tops Clark's job list
      Springfield News-Sun -
Everdeen Mason

Job landscape always shifting
      Mansfield News Journal - 4/21/2013

Ohio losing $7.7 billion due to tax loopholes
      Columbus Dispatch - 4/21/2013
      Reporter Joe Vardon

Leaders Move Beyond Partisan Politics
      Dayton Daily News – 2/22/2013
      Op-Ed Lavea Brachman and Mike Ervin

 Weinland Park efforts set to be evaluated
      Columbus Dispatch - 1/28/2013 
      Reporter Mark Ferenchik

Walkable urban development will keep younger professionals in Columbus, experts say
      Columbus Dispatch – 1/17/2013 
      Reporter Mark Ferenchik

GOPC 2012 News Articles

Ohio on verge of population loss
      Dayton Daily News
– 12/31/2012
      Reporter Ken McCall 

City wants rate of property demolition to increase in 2013
      Dayton Daily News
– 12/24/2012
      Reporter Doug Page

Township tangle
      Columbus Dispatch
- 11/21/2012 

City demolition project is 14% completed
      Columbus Dispatch
- 11/13/2012
      Reporter Mark Ferenchik

Inner-ring suburbs talk about sharing resources
      ThisWeek Community News
– 10/24/20112
      Reporter Kevin Corvo

Townships argue against consolidation
      Springfield News Sun
- 10/10/2012
      Reporter Matt Sanctis

Brownfield grants will become more selective
      Crain’s Cleveland Business - 10/08/2012 
      Reporter Jay Miller

Support from all sides
      Akron Beacon Journal – 9/8/2012

Groups Approve Of Governor Kasich's Call To Review Tax Breaks
      WVIZ NPR
– 9/4/2012

Address loopholes in tax laws
      Tribute Chronicle – 9/2/2012

Rein in State Tax Loopholes
      Toledo Blade
– 8/15/2012
      Reporter Blade Staff

Can the Centers Hold?
      The Architect’s Newspaper – 8/15/2012 
      Reporter Christopher Bentley

Job excites Land Bank director
      Toledo Blade – 8/9/2012 
      Reporter Kate Giammarise

‘Fracking’ fee, other tax issues on Kasich’s plate
      Columbus Dispatch – 7/13/2012 
      Reporter Jim Siegel and Joe Vardon

Many Owners of Abandoned Homes Escape Responsibility
      Dayton Daily News – 6/30/2012 
      Reporter Joanne Huist Smith and Lynn Hulsey

ODOT To Decide Fate Of Construction Projects Wednesday
      Ohio Public Radio- 6/4/2012 
      Reporter Karen Kasler

Better Gas Mileage Could Cripple ODOT 
      NPR - 5/30/2012

Mirror, mirror
      Columbus Dispatch - 5/23/2012 

Job-poaching pact in jeopardy
      Columbus Dispatch - 5/7/2012 
      Reporter Dean Narciso, Lucas Sullivan, Quan Truong

Schools sharing more costs
      Springfield News Sun – 3/6/2012 
      Reporter Megan Gildow-Anthony

Transportation Funding Crisis in Ohio 
      WOSU: All Sides with Ann Fisher - 2/6/2012 
      Reporter Ann Fisher

Take the rust out of our hard-hit cities
      Richmond Times Dispatch - 2/5/2012 
      Reporter Neal Peirce

Cities seek help to bulldoze homes
      Columbus Dispatch - 1/15/2012 
      Reporter Mark Ferenchik