Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Activities Underway

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine wrote an Op-Ed in the Dayton Business Journal on his innovative Moving Ohio Forward Program, highlighting efforts already underway in Fayette, Licking Mahoning, and Richland Counties.  

The MOF grant supports Ohio’s communities undertaking activities to demolish abandoned and vacant residential properties. It is estimated that 100,000 residential buildings across Ohio need to be demolished.  Abandoned and vacant properties often pose significant barriers to neighborhood revitalization and so, demolition funding from the Attorney General’s office will help encourage productive reuse of formerly vibrant properties in our cities, villages and townships. The Ohio Attorney General contracted with GOPC to provide technical assistance to southern Ohio counties on strategic planning

 Funding for the Moving Ohio Forward Program comes from a $25 billion national settlement with the nation’s five largest mortgage lenders and services over foreclosure abuses, fraud and unacceptable mortgage practices.

2 Responses to “Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Activities Underway”

  1. So let me see if I got this right. Moving forward is demolishing vacant homes that were forfeited on by the banks, in essence cleaning up blighted property that is owned by who? The banks? The same banks that were bailed out on the backs of the American taxpayer? And this is going to benefit who? Those property owners…or basically the same banks…right? And what about the money that those people owed on a mortgage that they were foreclosed on? Is that debt just being forgiven? No matter how you look at it this looks like a win-win situation for the banks. Now lets see where Mr. DeWine gets much of his campaign money from. Or better yet look up where the two major establishment parties get a lot of their donations from maybe.

  2. Fedup Linda says:

    Instead of offering the properties for a commitment to repair them and live in them, just demolish them? Oh that might be giving people a leg up. Where do you the government think those banks got there money, maybe from people that they overcharged? This is the definition of insanity and why smaller, tighter controlled government is necessary.

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