Mission, Vision & Principles

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Greater Ohio Policy Center is to champion revitalization and sustainable growth in Ohio.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that Ohio lead the nation in building statewide economic prosperity and establishing sustainable growth in its urban and regional communities. Ohio has robust, effective policies and practices creating revitalized communities, strengthened regional cooperation, and preserved Ohio’s open space and farmland.

Organizational Principles

  • Revitalized neighborhoods in Ohio’s cities that attract people and thrive economically

  • Communities and regions that leverage their assets fully and meet their potential as economic drivers in their regions and in the state

  • Funded and rebuilt sustainable infrastructure that includes diverse and modernized transportation options and upgraded water and sewer infrastructure in Ohio’s cities and regions to promote economic growth

  • Regional, sustainable growth in urban and non-urban areas that catalyzes private sector investment and results in economic development

  • Citizens and elected officials who are well-educated about the pivotal importance of and engaged in helping with the transformation of Ohio’s cities and metros to meet the previous four Principles.

For more details, see our Strategic Plan

GOPC Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018