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Greater Ohio Policy Center is working to promote sustainable land use and economic prosperity for all Ohioans. By blending policy development and advocacy, think tank research, and stakeholder outreach, we are advancing state-level reforms that support a vision of Ohio as a globally competitive economy with equally-thriving urban, metropolitan, and rural areas and an attractive quality of life.

Greater Ohio uses multiple strategies to advance our mission and affect the public policy debate in Ohio: influence political dialogue, issue targeted reports and studies, convene stakeholders and conferences, lead policy initiatives, conduct public education through frequent speaking engagements and media opportunities, and provide technical assistance and best practice implementation. Greater Ohio’s strictly non-partisan approach, data-driven analysis, and cooperative partnerships with various constituencies have attracted state and national recognition.

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Everyday Greater Ohio works with political leaders, the business community, civic groups, and concerned Ohioans to advance policy and programs that revitalize Ohio’s urban cores and regions, strengthen regional cooperation, and protect Ohio’s open space, natural resources and farmland.

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