About Us

Who We Are

Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC), a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Columbus and operating statewide, develops and advances policies and practices that value our urban cores and metropolitan regions as economic drivers and preserve Ohio’s open space and farmland. Through education, research and outreach, GOPC strives to create a political and policy climate receptive to new economic and governmental structures that advance sustainable development and economic growth.

GOPC Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018

GOPC focuses on five priority areas:

  1. Neighborhood Revitalization
  2. Urban Regeneration
  3. Water and Sewer Infrastructure
  4. Transportation Modernization
  5. Regional Sustainable Growth


What We Do

Greater Ohio strives to create a political and policy climate that advances sustainable development and economic growth.

Skills We Provide:

  • Innovative project direction
  • Independent research
  • Technical assistance
  • Coalition building
  • Education initiatives
  • Policy advocacy

As an organization, we blend data-driven work and bipartisan policy advancement with stakeholder outreach.


Partnering for Impact

We believe smart land use decisions enhance Ohio’s economic opportunities and local quality of life by supporting the redevelopment and revitalization of existing communities, strengthening regional cooperation and protecting Ohio’s natural resources and countryside.

To accomplish our mission and goals, we regularly collaborate with individuals and organizations throughout Ohio and across the country. We hope that you join our growing network of partners.

Join us in building a Greater Ohio!